Got a few vanities coming up and chasing a backing coat gun . Has anyone got any feedback on any ? I know few need a bigger compressor than the rest . But do the smaller ones push out the product quickly

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The Benron Ez-Tex Sprayall is what i'm buying next if I win a contract for 11 sinks. Seems to spray backer really nicely and sprays face coat much quicker than my EZY Deck.

Hey Sam , have u used one yet ? I have seen the video on it .but not actually used one or seen it used . Thanks Allan . That's what compressor I do have .
Just seen a couple of videos on YouTube so far and read a few people saying they are pretty good! I'm not sure if spraying backer speeds you up though as it requires a bit more compaction, which hand laying doesn't so much. I reckon maybe 20% faster than hand packing perhaps? To some extent it means your mix for face and backer can be the same too, just one with fibres. This is how they do gfrc using roving instead of chopped strand. Basically just switch the fibre on and carry on spraying backer soon after.
Yeah Sam , I think anything is better than hand packing !

I use a version of the mortar sprayer.  It dumps material just about as quickly as you can load it.  It is way faster than hand lay once pieces get to be a certain size.  Hand is faster for small things like sinks and stuff.  The backer is way faster once the scale moves a bathtub or something like that.  I personally think the compaction on large verticals is much better when spraying provided the lifts are fairly small.  The air really drives the mud onto the wall.  Every piece I spray has the ring of cast iron when you knock on it.  Dunno why, but it does and it's only when I spray the backer.  For verticals, I'd say it's way faster than 20%.  For flats, maybe not even 20%.  It really comes into its own with the tall verticals. 

If you guys end up with that gun, I'd love to hear your feedback.

This is a post I put up a while ago that Tom of Fishtone replied to.  He provided the info I was looking for but I already have a backer.  I was looking for an all in one and I don't think its here yet.

Being able to spray up larger verticals / several moulds single-handedly is my main reason for wanting to use the gun. Will pay for itself in about 7 days I reckon : )

Thanks again for the feedback . Def get one

Anyone know up to what fibre % the Benron can handle? Wondered if you could begin hitting 5-6% to match that from using a concentric spray gun with chopper on it?

You'll never be able to hit 5 or 6 % with pre mix in my opinion . I've had close to 4% with some mixes but it gets to be quite a hay stack type of mix . I'd stick with 3% and add scrim if you want more strength. I have a larger peristaltic pump set for premix I use from time to time it can push most anything but over 4% the mix becomes stiff and not so usable . my 2 cents

That's what I thought too. I'm amazed even 3% sprays!

Would it spray 1mm stone ? I want to try it in the face coat . Or am I dreaming ?

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