calling all ict users, nothing big just looking for a yes or two

Does anyone use ict and the ch without any other blue addmixes and have success. I like my mixes as they are, should be right around 8000psi range. Not looking to open a can here, just anyone only use ict and ch with non blue addmixes?

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I had a lot more that I wrote on this topic why did it get deleted moderator. I also go t emails that several other people commented on this and they got deleted to. Whats up????????


My take on these situations over the years is ever changing. these conversations over ICT litter the 7 year history of this forum and could fill volumes - they are also riddled with gaping holes because of the heated controversy they have stirred up, resulting in deleted material - both from posters and moderators - a shame, because allot of knowledge got flushed down the toilet. 

ICT as a topic doesn't come up as much anymore - across all 3 forums I follow anyway - I attribute this to Jon and blues extensive outreach and constant tweaking of the product - but it also may mean that those that figured it out settled in and there are not allot of newcomers trying to embrace it.

I used to think anyone could use this and make it work wherever they are, just by reading up on it and talking to people over the phone. It's really not necessarily true. It's a product that requires firsthand training, and a commitment to changing the way you think about, cast and process concrete.

I've been lucky enough to know all the players in this game for many years now. The Blue team - Shawn, Jeremy, Philip, Buddy, Jon. I remember spending hours on the phone with Jon, driving 3 hours up to meet and mix concrete with him - pre-blending my own ultrasealz before it was ultrasealz, the predecessor to "ECC and GFRC Admix" I am fortunate to know whats in it and why, and just how much blood sweat and (possibly) unicorn tears went into it. It's meant to be a system. it works - our entire 5 man company banks on this fact daily. it's a 3 part system  - the mix, the sealer, and most importantly - you, the part that always can be counted on to be the main issue with the system- after being part of trying to help many many people get the system set up over the years, I've noticed, more than anything else it's the third parts complete unwillingness to properly cure concrete and wait until the internal moisture is at a level to accept the sealer. a close second is lack of firsthand training, and an unwillingness to go and get it. - Stubborn male pride can be a b****. 

I can unequivocally say that ICT is capable of far more performance than you got out of it. that said: if your shop is mixing and casting the traditional buddyrhodes craftsman style mix - even the new version, you will not realize ICT's full potential - it's just not a mix capable giving you a substrate good enough for ICT to really do its thing. For the craftsman mix - and all these mixes fro that matter  -ICT will go on, look great, not scratch, and hold up well, but Margarita day at the pool will not be kind to it. 

If your shop is using the BR GFRC pre-blend bags, casting, de-molding the next day and finishing them 3 days later, you will never get good results with ICT - to realize the full potential with GFRC you have to spray the most perfectly timed face coats, properly heat cure with moisture for 3 days, and monitor the internal moisture very carefully prior to initiating the sealing regimen to hope to get ICT to really do its thing. even then, without having gotten shown the process firsthand, GFRC can be a finicky bastard to nail the Sealer on. 

If you've embraced the world of ECC, figured out how to manipulate it into the looks you want, cast it like a pro, and heat cure it, you have set yourself up to really make this product work for you. Firsthand training is still paramount - until you see it done by the right person it's not at all difficult to become incredibly frustrated with it. 

Here is a 24 hour test time lapsed with a video of ICT performance to make sure there was no way to sway any of the results.

If it "can not be kind to margarita day at the pool"....I can not be kind to it.

I live in Florida.

I have had several pieces that I have sealed with ICT that were that stain resistant, however most of them are not. Consistency is what is in question for me.

Dont even try to tell me I need to pay a couple grand to get "personal training". If you a sell a product that works, make an instructional video that works. (You have made a video, but it contradicts the many instructions from the company that makes the product, and doesnt work...for me at least.)


I have learned many things over the years, and one of the toughest lessons that I had to learn, and live with, is that one sealer is never going to make everyone happy.  I have used ICT since it's inception and we continue to use ICT in my business CreativeCrete.  I would suspect I have as much or more square feet of countertop space out there as anyone.  I just happen to live in an area where a TON of my work in in my face on a routine basis, as I live in an tourist type of area any we have ALOT of our work in places that are commonly used and abused in my area.  You can walk through town and actually see my creative progress over the years starting from one commercial spot to another.  I get a kick out of it sometimes just remembering where my head and creative side was at the time when I created which project.

I'll be honest I am glad I cannot some how to tell you, or anyone, the reason I use ICT is because this sealer doesn't work and the many many projects over the years in people homes, (kitchen, baths, outdoor kitchen, pool side tables, fire place hearths and surrounds) and the many project in commercial environments, (wine bars, commercial bars, commercial restaurants, commercial restaurant tables, indoor and out) all stain beyond belief.  

I am glad I can't, if you spent any time here in Murphys and walked around you would see more of our work than you probably would ever want to.  We have commercial projects that are 10 years old out there and still holding up amazing, even after the commercial space has gone through 6 different businesses over the 10 years.  We haven't been called in for a reseal yet.  That to me is a testament, and a testament I get to see on a routine basis.  Not just hear about but physically go and witness first hand.

You are welcome to come by my home.  I have an average family with young children that abuse their home as much as anyone.  We certainly don't live in a white glove house. My kitchen, dinner table, and bathroom vanities are all sealed with ICT.  Good luck finding any flaws in any of these tops after years of use and abuse.  Although our farm sink is ready for a reseal.

Why things went south the past 6 months I cannot begin to tell you.  I can tell you the sealer hasn't been altered to my knowledge.  If you give me a shout I am more than willing to extend my efforts to help you in any way I can.

We continue to have amazing success with this sealer.  We find it amazingly easy to apply and use.  

Now is it the bees knees for everyone under every circumstance, no I don't think so.  Although I can't exactly tell you what type of circumstances it would fail, but I am sure there must be some in some way.  We haven't found it and we have done just about anything that one can imagine related to a business making concrete.

Besides using the sealer, I test it routinely as well.  I think anyone would be shocked to learn every fresh batch of sealer is QC'd by me.  Right now there are pieces on my dinner table verifying the batch that was just blended.  My wife hates it, but is is the nature of the beast for me to sleep at night knowing how the sealer is performing.

Having used ICT for years I have learned different concrete required slightly different sealing techniques.  For the past year we have gone to more of an initial soak type of technique for our first diluted applications.  This really helps during the cooler season of when the concrete wasn't as diligently cured.  But, knowing these things has been part of our years of knowing our concrete, our casting practices, our curing practices, and the products in our shop.  

If I can help you, I will.  Don't hesitate to give me a call.

We have developed an RPS sealer that is doing very well, that would be a better fit based on your experience and feeling about Urethane sealers.  This is a Urethane with a reactive backbone to the technology.  It's going on our current out door kitchen project coming up for install this weekend. 

Reading your comment again, something strikes me as odd and worth a bit of investigation, if you want to. 

If you have pieces that are working, and some that are not, what is the difference?  If it is the same sealer, then the inconsistency has to be in the application style and/or the concrete that it is being applied to.  If the sealer product was not changed, yet the results did change, there has to be common denominators making the differences.  Denominators beyond the sealer itself.

If the sealer performs sometimes but not others, yet the sealer has not been altered what has?  This should be the real question that needs to be solved, which would solve the overall issue moving forward regardless of which direction you plan on going.

If these questions cannot be solved with ICT, then it it more possible similar inconsistencies will arise with any sealer you plan on using.  Consistency from start to finish is the key for all products.

I am more than willing to give you my time to helping, if I can.

Well just an update for those who care. Earlier I posted my house slab polished and ICT.

We went back to find the tradies(contractors) had tracked in mud for 8hrs and had dried for 48hrs. We were 95% sure it was going to be ok but we had never abused or tested the sealer to this extreme. It took us all day to scrape it off with a floor scrapper before doing a once over with the mop. If there are any question about ICT working I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

I put up the before clean covered in dried mud and the scrape off and mopped. We will run over them with a soft pad after we move in.

Ha, it looks like the construction crews had done quite a number on the floor with the first picture.  Obviously there wasn't a lot of care put in to keep the floor from staining with all the construction crap all over it.

After cleaning, that looks great.  

Apparently some people have success in some applications, but I have had too many call backs to justify using ict.

If it works for you then use it.

It does not work for me. I switched to a topical sealer, my customers like it, its fairly easy to apply. Easier than ict in my opinion.

As far as floors go. Using any sealer on a floor is totally different than on a countertop. Countertops typically take way more abuse than a floor chemically and are more "in your face" on a daily basis. You can get away with a whole lot more imperfections on a floor than you can on a countertop.

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