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I am putting together a little 3 minute video slide show for CCF and I am looking for pictures.  Your concrete pictures would be displayed with your name and website, so you get the credit, and listed in the closing credits as well.   Please reply to this email and give us permission to include some of your photos, if you would like to be included.   Its just something to pass around on facebook and youtube.


Best Dave

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You are welcome to any of my pics. Haven't uploaded in a while either.

Use mine if you want..

I'm in... would you be taking them from our individual pages or are you looking for fresh pics?

mine too.

Thanks, I can just download them off your page. 

you can get whatever you want off of my page.

You cold use any of mine as well.

I haven't uploaded much, but help yourself, Dave.

Go for it

Any of my stuff is fair game.

Like all, take what I've posted.

you are welcome to any on my page, thanks Dave.

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