I am being asked to use a concrete overlay product for a countertop as an alternative to solid concrete.  I'm having a hard time finding any information from people who have done this.  I'm hesitant to rely strictly on the advice of the product distributors.  I'm not sold on the concept and I don't believe it will be any more cost effective in the long run. Any information would be helpful as I am open to anything.  Thanks so much.

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I've always thought that (in certain circumstances) it may be a great alternative for a home owner doing it themselves, for just a quick/cheap improvement. For example, formica would be the other alternative. However, being aware of the neighborhood and such, I feel that it will certainly not add value to the home. Be mindful of the rest of the house, kitchen and neighborhood, the craftsmanship in the home, as well as the clients desires/expectations. Unless it's just that kind of house, chintzy isn't the way. simply my opinion. Also, please just call it a cement overlay, not concrete... anything. cheers
I think if your customers are looking for a cheap alternative to solid concrete then I would beware of the customer. Stay with what you know. Nothing against the overlays but I can't see it being cheaper.
Thank you all so much for your imput. I'm still doing research and I love hearing from anyone with an opinion on this
don't do it - RUN. it will be a headache down the road. I promise this! Alla is right, this client could be a problem as well. be careful, or just run!

just my 2 cents
I suggest that you contact Concrete Coatings Inc. www.concretecoatingsinc.com . I have been working with them for 10 years and I trust them and their advice. They sell an overlay product for countertops. Alla is right it does look plastic, I believe its all covered with a thick layer of epoxy. I have never used the product, but Concrete Coatings should give you good advice.
I do overlays as part of my business and I would never do a countertop for a client in an overlay. At the end of the day you would know the difference between an overlay and a concrete countertop, but your clients, their friends or anyone else that sees it will just consider it concrete, they might say hey look at the concrete overlay that I had done on my countertops but people will just thinks it's a concrete countertop and it's not, it's an overlay and it looks and feels completely different. You dont want someone looking at a countertop done in an overlay and mistaking it for a concrete countertop, it will do nothing for your reputation or your business.
The product I'm being asked to use is Miracote. I've seen it used in a flooring application and I think it looks fine. The glossy plastic look is something that I think you can avoid with the proper use of sealers and waxes. The same being said for concrete countertops. I know a lot of people really love the glossy epoxy look while I prefer to use a sealer that retains the raw concrete properties. I will contact Concrete Coatings as per the suggestion made by Dave. Of course, depending who you talk to I am getting advice across the board and all of you have been very helpful. I agree I do not want to compromise my own product and I am very sensitive about preserving the integrity of our craft. I'll play around with this stuff a bit and see what it does. If anything I might be able to find an application for it that makes perfect sense. I'm never going to make it big with the countertop business I have. The population of our area is 10,000 and while there is a lot in interest in what I'm doing there are only so many jobs out there. This was presented to me as another way to provide a service for people and give me a little income in doing so. I know that income will be insignificant if it fails so I'm not going to just jump at it. It's difficult enough being a woman in this good ol boys arena here, so doing my homework is paramount.

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