I'm about to jump into the concrete game and am making a countertop for my Big Green Egg table. I have the melamine mold but am debating what cement mix to use. I am not looking to create a mixture but instead buy from Lowe's. here is what I am thinking....
Sakrete 5000 Plus 80-lb Gray High Strength Concrete Mix (for table)
Portland Concrete (for filling holes)


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Non-Sanded Grout by Polyblend would be a better option for filling any holes.

Yeah ditto....use the non sanded grout for bug holes. Still not sure if you can use the sakcrete by itself. Are you adding fiber to it? I guess you would have to use more rebar then what you are showing in your picture And if you use it without any polymer, your curing time will be way longer. I think its a 28 day curing time..just like regular concrete.

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