So I have been getting my 2" melamine strips for side walls cut by a carpenter. Then I pick them up. Is there an accurate way for me to this if I don't have a table saw setup?.....whats everybody else using for this?

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Sounds good, but does it turn into a bed when guests want to spend the night?

Guido said:

A guy around here stopped making counter tops and went strictly flooring. I bought his table saw setup for $600. The kicker is the table saw can be lowered cause its attached to a car jack. When you lower the saw the whole thing can be used as a casting table. Awesome setup

Mine has a pocket p**** and a lighter holder attached to it

Cody, are you coming down from that monster pour by being a comedian?

THis is no joke. Nothing better than a table saw that give you a happy ending. THat Island is no joke. 2850 pounds of GFRC...WTF

Derek Peters @ Origins Concrete said:

Cody, are you coming down from that monster pour by being a comedian?

pick a day when you havnt got much on, set your table saw and cut a s*** load of edges ( sizes you use most ). pack your table saw away, store your edges and cut them length as you need them.    this is what I do.. not saying it's the best way but it works for me, I made the video after seeing this discussion, if it helps somebody out that's great  I made this video, it's an easy way I came up with to cut multiple melamine pieces exactly the same length and save a ton of time, it's after the dog part 

Festool track saw. At the highest end of spendy. But, I can rip 10' strips at any dimension accurately, easily, and safely. .5 inch by 10ft? Easy. I use it for a huge variety of cuts and rips. Combined with their vacuum system I have almost no saw dust. I've even done 10' strips at 1.5" with kerfs every .5inch. Best money I ever spent on shop equipment. I only cried once when I purchased it.

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