Has anyone ever experienced delamination of the face of melamine. I've been buying the same product from the same manufacturer for three years, and never had an issue before now. Because I was using the product for something other than it's intended purpose, the manufacturer -ROSEBURG FOREST PRODUCTS refuse to cough up a refund for the two out of three pieces that I had bought for the project. I did not even ask for labor, cost of foam, plasticine, & gfrc ingredients that I used when half of the face coat stayed with the blistered melamine. It looked like tiny water blisters, almost like when you get a second degree skin burn. Once it was demolded, then the blisters shrunk back down but you could still feel them. This only happened to me slightly once before when I was in a pinch and had to buy my Melamine at Home Depot. I can typically get at least three or four pours if I am thorough cleaning & oiling. I will post pictures a little later after my phone charges back up. Spent all afternoon on the phone with the CUSTOMER DISERVICE DEPARTMENT - ROSEBURG FOREST PRODUCTS.

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Basically the mix is Brandon's old mix design. Nothing fancy, just old school GFRC. The only thing that I sub is Frtizpac super 7. It certainly should not burn up the face of the melamine.
That sucks. Good luck having the big boys cough up anything. I can't say someone like Weyerhaeuser would be any different. Basically you are using a product for an unintended purpose kind of like using a motorcycle engine for an electric generator. I know we all do this to serve our purposes everyday but it kind puts the kabosh on the warranty when the SHTF. I feel for you. After talking to a local cabinet manufacturer about the decline of quality melamine through the years I decided to quit worrying about it, grab a case, and start thinking of alternative mold materials that will give you adequate results. If you are dead set on melamine then start ordering from a quality cab manufacturer that you know is getting you the good stuff.
Sounds like you just got some bad sheets.  I would change brands, or better yet, find someone who lays up panels and have some made with mdf or better yet medex (it's waterproof) and plastic laminate (formica).  This will cost a lot more than melamine, but will last way longer.  I find that melamine is really not that good with water for any length of time.

It was definitely the faulty ROSEBURG melamine. I sprinted out at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon and got 8 fresh sheets from McKillicans Plywood in Algona, WA.  Very nice people. They stock all type of plywood including MDO and Melamine in oversize sheets. Go see Brian in sales, He will hook you up. Anyways, I worked til midnight both Thursday and Friday, and all day today to get back on schedule for the job. I demolded the pieces of precast sills and lentels. They were beautiful and the molds cleaned right up in minutes for a fast re-clay and oiling ready for the second round of casting on Sunday morning. I should be done in time to wish my friend and Mentor Marco Lucioni a Happy 70th Birthday on Sunday afternoon.

I used to use roseburg products melanine for years, and it used to cast very nice pieces, but this last year I have noticed much more swelling so they must have changed there manufacturing protocal to save money on production cost. Be very aware of that lable scetchy to use it.

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