DIY SCC Countertop Need Help Something Went Wrong...

I built my own counter tops and am now working on my Island.  The first two went well but the last one isn't going well.    This is my very first time every doing anything in concrete so I've tried to teach myself and ask a few guys that do this for help.  

First Counter Tops below

The steps I took are as follows. 

1. Buddy Rhodes concrete with pigment and 555 reducer w AR fiber to SCC.

2. Demold 1-2 days later

3. Muriatic acid wash 1:10 ratio

4. Amonia wash to nuetralize and water rinse

5. Wet Sanding with polisher and by hand 400 grit, 800 grit

6. Seal with H-12 Sealer from Trinic (10:1 ratio, 8:1 ratio so far on Island slab)

I am working on the Island now its 8' long and I did all the same steps as above, but this time after acid and amonia wash the concrete looked horrible


That didn't wash off with water so I wet sanded and it appeared to make things better.  I sanded a lot and when washing down with water i couldn't see any marks anymore so I decided I was good to go and sealed it later that day.  

The sealer however didn't suck in like it did on my past two counters.  It appeared to almost repel off concrete and bead up. 


And 5 hours later it still isn't dry to the touch and it looks horrible


I need some help?  Am I stuck with how this looks or can I strip this and re acid wash and start over...what could have caused this to go South?  It was beautiful dark uniform color out of the hind sight I wish i would have just lightly sanded it and skipped the washes.  Help me out please...I need to get kitchen done soon before pregnant wife kills me, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and am having a hard time living with a counter that looks like this...


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Hi Ricky...Sorry to hear about your troubles and welcome to the perfectly imperfect world of concrete!

First off you should contact the manufactures of the products as they should know best what happened.  In my opinion your first one turned out nice.  I don't know what is in the bag mix you used but I think you may be seeing some polymer haze on the surface.  I would recommend using a squeegee and then a microfiber cloth to dry off your tops after rinsing.  Water sitting on the surface can cause discoloration as the cement hydrates.

As far as sealer you may want to look at a different one.  The one you are using required humidity to cure and without it can take days to dry.  May want to look at U-Seal which is a similar type hybrid sealer but doesn't require humidity and applies much easier so you can seal start to finish in one day.

If you ever decide to make another countertop feel free to give me a call.  I can share our mix recipe to simplify and cut costs.

Tom Fischer

815-276-0299 x805

First of all I don't know why you are doing a 10:1 and 8:1 H12 ....I usually start with a 7:1 or even a 6:1 H12 layer....then a two 4:1 and finally a 2 or 3:1

"That didn't wash off with water so I wet sanded and it appeared to make things better.  I sanded a lot and when washing down with water i couldn't see any marks anymore so I decided I was good to go and sealed it later that day."

Sounds to be like you didn't let it dry enough. After wet polishing or any kind of water on the concrete I wait until the following day to apply sealer. If your concrete is still wet or moist the sealer can't penetrate into the concrete. The water is blocking it from soaking in.

H12 can be a little tricky to apply but its a great sealer. You have to get used to it though. U-seal is similar but easier to apply. The other thing you can do with H12 is instead of doing a 2:1 part A and can do a 3:1 part A and B. If you do a 3:1 ratio of the H12 then it dries a lot faster.

To me the streaks on the first picture just looks like you left the water puddled on the concrete and then let tit dry. I usually take a squeegee and get rid of the puddles. After squeeging the water I wipe it with a microfiber as well

Guys thanks so much for the help.  I sanded the slab again with 200 by hand then re-acid washed it.  Turned out pretty good.  Thanks again! 

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