Hi Guys , does anyone have any experience with the Dry-treat sealers. I've a guy promoting them to me right now but haven't heard enough to convince me to try them. I'd appreciate feedback

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This really depends on what your expectation is.  I have used plenty of Dry Treat products and I think they are great if you only need some good water repellency.  I have not seen any of their products do well to oils and acids are out of the question.  But, if repellence is the top priority they do very well.

I have used them in conjunction with ICT for exterior projects.  I would soak ICT, let this cure, then come back at a later date and increase repellency if it was needed.  

Jon much appreciate the feedback. I'd not thought about using it with another sealer, I will sample that see how it works out.

Hi Michael,

Agree that Dry Treat sealers are good for certain applications but is poor with stain resistance...especially acids like lemon, lime juice, vinegar etc.

Dry Treat is a repellent and I'd just be careful mixing sealers.  A repellent is designed to repel most things that come in contact with it...including other sealers.  

We've been having extremely good all-around results with U-Seal.  It may be worth a look...



Hi Tom, is U-seal available from your uk branch?.

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