In the past I have noticed some people have put a granular white substance on countertops before applying stains, I'm assuming this is for reaction with the stains to achieve a desired look. Is anyone aware of granular substances that create unique looks, I have used coffee grounds before and "miracle grow". Any technique and product tips would be greatly appreciated. I am using acid based stains primarily, but i do use water and acetone based dyes too. Just as a note I did try a laundry detergent granular product and it created a good look but I believe the amonia in the detergent neutralized the stain so when it dryed and I cleaned and neutralized the sample most of the color had not penetrated the concrete and came off when I scrubed it with a brush.

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corn flakes

corn flakes? you mean like the cereal? Frosted?lol

non frosted.

I've seen it happen before... a post is posted and someone asks a question. Then it gets turned into a joke thread. 

Then every day i learn something new on these forums :)

remik said:

that is not a joke. you can throw anything at your counter to create certain effect. Your limitation is your imagination. I am not an expert on staining but I have seen people throwing various things and cornflakes have a very organic shape to them. Throw sand, straws of some weed etc etc. weather it is frosted or not that I dont know;)

Versus said:

I've seen it happen before... a post is posted and someone asks a question. Then it gets turned into a joke thread. 

No joke! a cool effect is crumpled up plastic or tin foil too. Anything can be used that will draw the stain away from some areas and concentrate it in others is what you are going for. But if you want to learn from the Jedi Master, talk to Tommy. He has been on acid for a very long time ;-)

I use aluminum shavings on wall hangings,... The off gas makes hydrogen so not for confined areas

Far too many tricks to list!!  Like Remik said, do it all!!  Each thing will create it's own effect.  Treat the stains like water colors and you open up more possibilities.  Watering them down will give you lighter colors and leave them longer, at full strength and you will get stronger colors.  You should look into Surface Gel Tek and Flattoos, they kick ass for design options!!  

On the pic in the middle, we used Cheerios.  The brown one on the bottom was a design from Surface Gel Tek.

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