Great news for our friends in the UK and Europe!

Fishstone, a leader in decorative concrete products, is pleased to announce that we have selected Polcrete Ltd., located in Liverpool, United Kingdom, to be our Fishstone UK distributor. Polcrete will provide products and training to the entire UK and parts of the European markets under the direction of owners Tony & Diane Taylor.

“We are very pleased to be the first to bring such a large assortment of high performance products to the UK. Until now these products needed to be air freighted into this market making them time and cost prohibitive” says Tom Fischer, President/partner at Fishstone. In the following months Polcrete will be stocking shelves, connecting with customers and building their website. A summer training and open house event will soon be scheduled.

Products stocked at Polcrete include:
• Concrete Sealers
• GRC ( GFRC) Polymer, fibers, tooling
• Ultra-High performance admixtures
• Concrete ( Countertop) Worktop supplies
• Any additional Fishstone product can be ordered and shipped within a 3 week lead-time.

Send them an email, give them a call or like their Facebook page
Polcrete Ltd.
Ph: +44 7504 902177

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That's great news for Europe, I've been bringing sealers etc from the USA for a number of years there's always extra taxes when it arrives in ireland. I'm delighted to see this happen I know someone else who will be happy. Keep us posted. I'll pop over to see you in the UK.

Hi Michael,

Glad we can get product over the pond to you and that we managed to find Tony, Diane & Brad with PolCrete to represent Fishstone products for us. 

Polcrete just received their first shipment of U-SEAL sealer the other day and the balance of the opening order is in route.  Give them a call or drop them an email.  They are great people and I'm sure youll be glad you did.



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