Hi everyone I was wondering if I could get some help regarding a good formula for a GRFC Mix and possibly Fly Ash mix (although this is even hard to find here!). I live in New Zealand and we are really limited in getting good premixes for countertops and the like. I am currently making a type of concrete type tile, needs to be sturdy (i.e not break). Thought a GFRC mix might be the best in terms of strength. Have been experimenting with several different mixtures (Portland, finer sand, admixtures (water reducer), with glass fibre mesh backing etc) but had various success and always looking to improve. Was wondering if anyone had some good tips or suggestions. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, try using ,Microsilica 600, available in nz.similar to fly ash, also a good liquid polymer,is available from RLA polymers in nzi have bought it in a 20 ltr. i have also been making a few pavers, tiles etc. my phone number is 06 3795148.

HiLauren, the polymer i used was Rl 2093, (it is a carboxylated sryrene butadiene latex with 59%bound styrene.) ive used it in making tiles and in a couple of countertops. 

Thanks so much Graeme! I did look at the Mircosilicia 600 but didn't know too much about it and whether it would work instead of Fly Ash. So good to know it does. Also great to have a good polymer suggestion that is available in NZ. I found Forton available from a casting place but didn't come cheaply for an initial experiment with mixtures. Since I'm not polishing the cast, was looking at hand casting the GFRC, but was wondering if using a hopper gun produces a much sturdier product.   

Hi Lauren, i have not used a hopper gun, only wetcast when making my tiles and pavers  if i had amarket for them i would look at getting a hopper gun..

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