Has anyone tried the Benron EZ tex spray all mist coat and backer coat sprayer. Is it worth trying it? Im a wet cast guy and have recently started GFRC and looking for an easier and quicker way to apply the backer coat rather than hand placing.

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This thread has diverged from its intent.

I have not had a chance to try the 1 to 3 hole Mortar Sprayer that Mark likes. We spoke briefly about it versus the Benron before I ordered the Benron. 

I chose the Benron for a particular project that is starting. It will require spraying inside an organic shape in close quarters. The Benron is more compact. If I need to rig up a temporary hopper to minimize size further I know I can. I've done it before with a modified face coat gun. The Benron performed well even with the under powered compressor used. I can see Mark's point of three jets moving more material with the Mortar Sprayer. It is also less expensive.

I believe it will come down to application and personal preference. The Benron may be more familiar in design and easier to control. With either sprayer you will need enough CFM to get the full benefit.

Which is why when it comes down to pigments - the industry has it all wrong..........That is my focus and yes Murray Clarke has a few innings left.

To me this is real important  - NON CHINESE - ask the color supplier - Chinese pigment in your kitchen, please NO NEVER ... Clarke is never Chinese..............

Sooooo,,,,,, what about the gun ??????

What the hell does pigments have to do with anything in this thread?

Murray Clarke said:

Which is why when it comes down to pigments - the industry has it all wrong..........That is my focus and yes Murray Clarke has a few innings left.

To me this is real important  - NON CHINESE - ask the color supplier - Chinese pigment in your kitchen, please NO NEVER ... Clarke is never Chinese..............

Just to clarify all our testing for compression/ flexural / Density / absorption are done in house at a facility. 

There is certainly a difference in philosophy here. Those who have met Jeff, watched his videos or learned from him trust his knowledge and recommendations, others choose to go with others' recommendations or to forge their own path. Everyone has those choices.

Some people perceive CCI to be "old-fashioned" or "holding back the industry" because we choose to stick with tried and true procedures. We simply believe that the industry would be better served by focusing on better business practices, marketing, sales, etc. that make a big difference in customer perception than by constant changes to mixes and ingredients that customers don't even notice. That's why our classes are so business focused. Again, a difference in philosophy, and not for everyone. For example, we're definitely not the best class for someone who wants a more artistic focus. Some of you love us, some of you hate us, we'll just keep on doing what we do well.

Sorry Cale, nobody seems to want to talk about the sprayers :-)

I know Vince, and sorry Cale, I just needed to address what was said about CCI. One other thought on this, and I'll shut up. I think what most people took offense to was my offer for CCI to test, as if no other test were valid. Yeah, that sounds extremely arrogant. To be honest, I hadn't looked at what testing Trinic had done, I just had a vague notion that maybe they had done some. A lot of people do respect Jeff's testing though, so if you wanted to add one more, you could. At this point I'm guessing probably not. :-) I apologize for the way the testing offer came across in my first post. 

Okay, the sprayer. Here's a short video about the Benron that might help a little. Mainly it just shows it in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPhhEZPXC70. Jeff is working on some more videos.

Hi Lane,
Benron specifies 100 psi with 12 cfm for best results. Do you have any real world numbers on the minimum psi/cfm to function efficiently? CFM seems to be key since you need airflow to blow that heavy stuff out.
And, do you guys have any thoughts on a comparison of the Benron and the Mortar Sprayer's attributes?

I run a large air compressor that produces more than 12 cfm at 100 psi, so I can't comment on what the minimum air required is. Usually the manufacturer of a product is aware of what it takes to make their tool work effectively, so I would recommend trying to stay close to that.

I have used the Mortar Sprayer as well as the Benron sprayer. They're as different as a chain saw and a jig saw.

The mortar sprayer is designed to spray non-fibrous mortar/stucco onto a wall, where precision isn't important. When I sprayed GFRC backer through it, I had a very hard time controlling the amount of material sprayed, which leads to variable strength in the final product. Sure it spit out a lot of stuff fast, but it came out too fast to control. It spits out tons of material explosively, and you have to move FAST to make sure it doesn't dump out too much (for a thin backer layer).

The Benron sprayer uses the exact same sprayer design and construction as commercial GFRC sprayers that make structural GFRC. It's much more precise in terms of how much material it sprays out and yields a consistent, thin backer layer. And you know I recommend thin backer layers. :-)

Here are a couple more videos about the Benron:

Assembly and Cleaning - http://youtu.be/kd6wxqV2MMA

Mix Consistency - http://youtu.be/_nmys-faw0I

It's been some time so I have decided to refresh a post. Has anyone been using or has ever used this gun? What are your opinions about it?

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