Hi all,

I just used concrete for the first time and the countertops look great except for some ghosting from the wire mesh that I used for structural support. I used quikcrete countertop mix and charcoal grey colour. I removed it from the mold after 24 hours and wet sanded the top with 400 grit paper and the ghosting appeared.

Can I hide the ghosting by misting the dye I used cut with water, allow it to dry and seal like normal? I don't mind if the countertops are darker in the end or will most of the ghosting disappear once it cures for a few weeks?

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, I really cant afford the time or cost of recasting.


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I wanted to follow up with you to see what you did and how it turned out.
I'm really new to this and never received any replys from anyone with experience. I believe that I'm going to grind at 220, stain with Eco stain and seal with ws327. I'm hoping that it will fix the issue. I'm going to stain it a bit darker than the charcoal grey it is now. Have you had success with repairing ghosting?
I have had no succes with repairing ghosting. It often has to do with the pressure you put on the back of a piece. I'm sorry no one has gotten a continuous in this forum. Usually people are ready to help. I haven't been in here long, but you can search for ghosting in the "Search box".

Usually there is no fix. You may be able to hide if from the customer's eye, because they don't know what it is. But you will always see it.

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