ICT sealers applied using Roofing torch to speed set

I have been asked many times how ICT holds up to heat.  I have talked many times about how using a roofing torch is a great way to "heat set" or "speed set" the sealers.  Using this technique is one way of basically creating a bomb proof surface very quickly and leap frogging the common cure cycle.  You will have immediate scratch and stain protection.  I have pushed 24 hour wet cotton ball test with vinegar, literally the next morning after using this technique to flash the sealers.  Heat is not an issue with ICT.

We have found this method works best when we need to turn projects quickly, especially if they are going out doors with rainy or damp weather.

This method works great for sinks and vanities, that we just won't keep a client from leaving a wet soap dispenser on the moment after we install.

I will post a few videos, as I do them, how I use the torch to set the sealers.  I hope this helps answer some of the questions.  And maybe bring up more.



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Dan, I imagine you had some of the white bleach marks occur after a few hours of exposure.  Try using the heat of the torch to speed things up, it is amazing to see the difference in the cure rate and the stain exposure rate.  What I would normally expect to see in as much as a month of cure happens almost overnight when you utilize the torch.

Try it, it is pretty cool.  And most of all, makes you feel good as things leave your shop knowing piece of mind that the sealer is nearly cured.  I can handle the abuse right now.

Yes, October of last year the newest upgrades were introduced.  

I know the preheat works great to lock things up. I just did a large peice with 42" verticles and it was hard to keep the heat down at the  bottom. So when I was sealing, it was very noticable how much the heat was doing. I don't have anything to compare for the weed torch......but keep it away from foam!!!!! she melts fast ;-)

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