Hi All,

Looking for some input here.  I recently completed a large kitchen project, and I got a callback from my customer telling me that cups of water are leaving rings on the countertop that will not evaporate.  I sealed these tops with ICT following the application instructions to the letter.  I've completed several projects with ICT over the years, (applying the sealer in the same way) and never seen this issue.  I've seen water penetrate the sealer, but it evaporates after a few  minutes/hours (at max).   These rings are staying for days, and so far the only way I've been able to get rid of them is to treat the spot with a acetone/baby power poultice.  This gets rid of the ring right away...

I'm hoping someone can help me understand what is causing this behaviour, and what can be done to correct it.

Pic of the ring is attached below

Thanks in advance everyone!

- Adam

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Looking at the pictures it appears as though you have some micro cracking that has happened to the surface.  ICT acts as a penetrating sealer with a very micro film.  If any forms of cracking happen to the surface, I refer to it as a broken glass affect, then the sealer cracks with it.  This will leave micro fishers for things to penetrate.  
To fix this I would get some fresh ICT PS1 and soak the entire surface with diluted PS1, 50/50 with water, for about 8 minutes or longer.  This will get sealer to soak into the micro cracks and affectively fill them up.   My hope is 1 soak will do it, but you may need 2 if they cracks are many and large enough.
Then I would apply 1 regular application of full strength across the entire surface.  Give some time for curing of the fresh sealer to happen and all should be good.

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