Hey Everyone!!  My last class is in a couple weeks in Seattle!!  If you have not signed up, don't miss this opportunity!!  Myself, Cody Carpenter and Chris Karlik.  We will be going over some very cool techniques including my new tricks that make drapery fabric forming a breeze....minimal sanding and NO RESIN!!

Don't miss it!!! 


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Is the class 1400$ for four days or for one day? It was unclear. Either way it is good deal or a great deal!

Mike....yes I am!  For a little while longer!!

Jesse, it is $1400 for the four days!!  And I only have one spot left!!!  Going to be an awesome class!!!

Even Bent and his son from Concrete Decor will be attending the class!!

Wish I could make it out

Me too Tom!  But you will be there in spirit!!!

And with that, the class is full!!  Sorry guys.  Guess you will have to read my books or watch my DVD's when they come out......and who knows when I will get around to that!!

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