I am about to expand the shop and need a new gantry/hoist/lift. Show me some ideas. I have a 15' ceiling and the casting area is 13x25.

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Nine times out of ten. I use two people flipping onto foam. For the rest I use a gantry with straps and a chain hoist. It takes about a half an hour to set up the gantry. The rest of the time it is stacked against the wall. My gantry is made of 2x6 that is glued and screwed. It took about $75.00 and two hours to build. I could spend a few days rigging up an elaborate lift system but what is the point. I personally think things are best kept simple and wood has been used to lift things for thousands of years.
I don't have the man power to do this at this time. I figure by summer I should be able to handle one employee. In the mean time I have been using a ganty over my table to get things flipped and into the processing area. I 'm not sure and engine hoist will work in my space. But would be interested in seeing how your wood gantry was built and what capacity it will hold. I haven't doneanything over 600lbs as of yet. I have acess to a 50' I-beam and need to figure out if I want a full overhead rolling cantry crane, or just a mobile gantry. The good thing about overhead is that it does not take up floor space. There is less chance for disaster if the rolling gantry becomes unstable. The down fall is cost and installation . Generally I am taking slabs in one direction. ( out the door) . The building is standard wood frame construction with a slab on grade. The idea was to secure 4x4 angle to the stud wall over 4 studs and bolt the I-beam on this. I could run a mirror of this over top of the I-beam to double the lag bolts into the 6" studs. I think I would also run a 3"x3" HSS down to the slab for security.
what size is the beam W12x? W8x? W?x? at 50 ft you need to know. Also the 3x3 rec tube would work, weld it to the 4x4 angle (4x4 so you can weld all around anything shorter and you only get three sides) and use the studs as a stablizing point. Dont use the studs for a shear connection bad things man.... bad things
I think it is a W8 and will have to cut is in 1/2 to be usable. ( also to even move that sucka!!) 600lbs? May have to rent a cherry picker for the day.
I would rather have an equiped shop and all my fingers. As mentioned, I don't have the room for an engine hoist , unless the legs fold up, and even then it would be hard to manouver in the space I have. I can flip and move everything by myself during the week, and hire manpower on the weekends for deliveries. I can also pick up a 50' 8" beam for 100.00 , which makes this an afordable option.
so it is an w8x12 50' long, definitely suitable for what you need and at a good price..... must be made in china

John said:
I think it is a W8 and will have to cut is in 1/2 to be usable. ( also to even move that sucka!!) 600lbs? May have to rent a cherry picker for the day.
It's in a buddies back yard and I hope it's made in Canada ;-)
Man, if you lived in anchorage you could just come down to the shop and I could hook you up with mat. and welder.....
You can use pallet racking for your gantry. cheap, tough, easy and can be erected on site.....

John, You asked do you want an overhead gantry system. Yes, yes, of course you do. Must you really question this?
Remik, I still do some theatrical and aerial stunt rigging when concrete gets slow and we just call those vermets. That is the manufacturer. I have used four of them to lift about 4000 pounds over fifty feet. For the small stuff we do, they would kick butt.I believe they come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Personally, I built a beam that I can roll my tables to and use static line and all my fancy rigging tackle to flip anything by myself. I am going to get some of those scissor tables, though. They seem like a versatile tool for the shop and the install.
I use a 10' h x 12'wide 1 ton capacity gantry crane with a manual chain faul on a traveler/trolley. The gantry is on wheels. I use woven webbed straps that I feed under the slab (which I lift with wooden wedges) and tie in a square knot. Bought everything except straps and wooden wedges @ industrial surplus. Lot of that in Cleveland.
I have flipped and moved slabs 5' x 10' completely alone with this system.

I don't do any installing. I just need to flip and get the piece to my loading dock for pick up.

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