Does anyone have any advice as to how best apply or seed either Metalz or Mika flakes into a face coat or sealer? I see both of these products listed but little to no info about how best to use them. Just very vague dosing rates. I'm going to be making a pressed finish top and the customer asked for some sparkle or shimmer to it as well. If I mix Mika flake into my face coat pressed will I be able to expose them with a little processing? What rate should I use in this application? Can I seed my sealer ( rolled on reactive/topical ) with Metalz for some decent results?

Thanks so much in advance!


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JB, the best shimmer or glitter I have ever gotten from seeding a mold was using Diamond Silver Sands.  The metals and Mika never give the same look at the Silver Sands.  If you go my FB page for Creativecrete you will see a tile sample I did using this method.

The Metals may work with the Reactive/Topical if you use more of a roller application method to disperse the metals with the sealer and use a pull trigger spray bottle to apply the sealer, while rolling as the application method for the first and second application.  Spend more time on the initial applications, using them like more or a primer application to really get the metalz spread out evenly and soaked the best you can.  I spend about 10 minutes during this initial times.  Diluting the sealers makes it much easier to keep things working for the full soaking time.

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