What happened to Alla, Brandon, Remik, Jon S, et al........  Are ALL of their posts deleted?  I'm sensing a great disturbance in the force. 

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Banned or self deleted. I doubt even this post will last that long. I have no Idea why I'm even posting here. apparently they have there own agenda here now and those troublemakers are bad for business. Interesting to watch things wither as you piss off, eliminate and censor your top contributers. God forbid you question or argue with anyone. and why is it that there is a common ICT thread running between them all. One of the few systems thats actually proven to work over a period of - like 8 friggin years now and its just s**t on every step of the way from all angles. - and thats totally allowable.  see you all on blue esp. if you have a good question to ask. still debating wiping my history here - thats pretty extreme. - but why should anyone have access to my shared knowledge on a place i don't know why I should support. some one give me a reason. - and justify locking these guys and gals out (I don't know if Alla was banned) 

Were they actually banned? If so... thats something we should be informed of. Is this true? 

I would hope the powers that be will fess up and justify what they did, but Jon S told me that he, jeremy F and Brandon we're all locked out by the time they we're in australia. Alla is still listed in the members- maybe just not posting. remik self deleted and is in forum rehab. 

I have noticed a rather unusual amount of helpfull posts from you JP I wondered what happened. 

Brandon got the boot with Brogurt®- at least i think - that happened so fast and there was so much censoring you had to be glued to the screen 24/7 to keep up I can see a little validity in that - though he did it cause he was pissed about something

the ones I can't understand are jon and Jeremy - and again - something I missed in the malay leading up to "Black sunday" or whatever it was-  or was it because they work for Blue? if thats the case why is mark C fielding Trinic questions?

So every post by Alla, Brandon Gore, Remik, Jon Schuler, Jeremy F,....are gone.  All that knowledge.  All those questions that were so well answered are now unanswered.  I'm just blown away.  These were some of the most helpful people I have ever come across.

Wow, really people?  Have you not read the other stuff posted?

Facts:  NO ONE HAS BEEN DELETED except for Digretti, at the request of the members!  JP and Brian Krompac were suspended by Dave and I reversed that.  Alla, Remik, Jon, Jeremy, Brandon and others left on there own.  They deleted their profiles and left.  I spoke with Alla and she came back.  If others want to come back they can speak to me about it, and they have been told that.  Frankly, this is a place of sharing and by deleting their profiles, it indicates they have no interest in sharing, as deleting their profiles took much valuable info away.   If your desire is to help others and share info, which is what this place is about, then why delete your profiles?  Seems kinda arrogant to me, IMO!

Get it straight people...there is no censorship going on here, no one being deleted, no posts being deleted and so forth.  There is one basic rule, don't be a d***.  Using the "IMO" helps to make sure people do not feel they are being attacked.

This is a place to share knowledge about concrete, not create drama.  If you are not happy here, you are welcome to leave.  Nothing is keeping you here and no one is forcing you to post.

Most have moved on from the drama that was caused over a month ago.  I hope the rest can as well so we can get back to business.

Joe, I have an email to and from Jon indicating he could come back if he gave me a call so we could talk.  I spoke with Shawn H about this as well.  It has been a month, and I have received no call.  This does not show great interest in coming back, he has not been blocked.  As for agendas....can you please point out what that is?  The only agenda I am aware of is helping out concrete people, and being nice about it.  I posted this a while ago, maybe you missed it, but it should answer your questions, or you can read the whole thing here     http://concretecountertops.ning.com/forum/topics/an-end-to-all-the-... 

What is the CCF ?  An open place for sharing with other concrete artisans; a place to find comradery in our art; A place to find good (and bad) info about the medium we work with; A place to vent your frustrations with products, jobs, clients and so forth (if YOU so choose to do so) with other folks that will understand and relate.  It is a place to get and share ideas, answers, inspiration, product information, techniques, tricks and so on….if other members CHOOSE to share that, whether it is correct or not.  It is a place where you can express your opinion…..WITH RESPECT! And pertinence to the conversation.  CCF is a place that WILL support the artisan and encourage them, as well as support good sharing of knowledge to help raise the understanding of our medium.

What is the CCF not?  A place for you to b**** about other members or point fingers when someone is wrong.  It is not a place to slander other people or products, especially the members or the advertisers.  It is not a place to promote your agenda, unless you are a paid advertiser.  It is not a place to promote any other forum unless you have a joint venture with CCF.  It is not a place to market your tools/products/services unless you are a paid advertiser.  It is not a place for egos or attitudes with nothing but a negative tone.  It is not a place for anyone that wants start s*** just for reactions.

What are the rules?

Members – Be nice….play nice.  In the biker world it goes as such “Give respect, get respect…act like an a******, get treated like an asshole”.  So will be the rules here.  If you do not act respectfully, you will be warned and then removed.  This is not a power trip, it is a simple way to keep this place the great place it is.  If you have an opinion, post it.  If you disagree with someone or something, post it.  If you have information, right or wrong, post it.  Others in the forum, as they have done for years will correct that mis-information……but IT WILL BE DONE POLITELY!  If your comments are just negative BS, then the post will be deleted and you will be warned.   We will draw up a basic set of rules that keeps the free nature of CCF, but will stop this infighting.

Ben - I am with you...very disappointed that all that info is gone.  It has hurt the forum.  But, we can't stop people from leaving and can't force them to help others or share their knowledge except for where they want to share it.

Mark - As the concrete barrel turns....so do the days of our lives.  :)

JP....IMHO....I agree with you!!

Alright - i guess I get a little trigger happy over this stuff having been banned from other forums in the past for disagreeing with the owners point of view. ICT conspiracy theories and alterior agendas aside ( i promise to keep those to myself) At the end of the day  these people left for a reason and the forum lost it's vibrancy as a result. Aside from liking peoples photos and answering newbie questions,  there is little stimulating conversation remaining on here. None of the other experienced members post their issues, problems and questions on here anymore as I think they rightly believe this forum has turned into a one way street. the info flows from the top down and complex issues and problems more experienced people face are not debated in fear they will simply be poached by lurkers. I guess this has all been said before - and essentially no solutions offered - because there is not one. we will simply debate our specific  issues elswhere and when the next place gets overcrowded and we feel the need to take our talk elsewhere it will organically move again. I see it happen in other technical forums as well and it seems to be a forum lifecycle. A little sad.... you bet and thats at the core of things. everyones bummed about it and the resulting infighting caused allot of  good contributors to leave. 

Nice JP. IMHO your essentially saying  IMHO that Jon, Alla,  gore and  remik have done nothing but drive this industry in reverse and you  think we're all just the blind leading the blind. What does it take to get any respect from you anyway? somewhere back down the line of "professionals" that mentored your mentors  mentor was some hair brained kook in his garage with a nutty Idea that all the industry  "professionals" at the time probably thought was an Idiot. and Tommy - how would you, according to JP not fall under this umbrella of stupidity we've created? I don't even know what exactly JP does! I hear color hardeners here - preblended this or that there - theres no question he seems to knows his s*** - about cement and I have no problem with him offering up  well versed criticism of this industry which is full of allot of thinly veiled BS, but stop saying anyone without "formal training" has no place in this industry and that we are all a bunch of idiots

christ i've come to the same conclusion as tommy. no wonder he gave you the boot.    this is all  IMHO Of course :)

can I come down and be humbled by your greatness - I'm only an hour away - I'm not being sarcastic. I would actually like to have a beer with you and understand where your coming from. I take it pretty personally when someone implies that me and or my peers that I have allot of respect for and am good friends with that we essentially have no place doing what we are doing.

Joe, I think JP meant only me. Of course, I have learned nothing in the last 8 years, and since I have no formal education in cement, concrete or materials, I have no business making concrete anyways, much less give advice on how to do it.

As for deleting my profile, I did that in solidarity with Jon, Jeremy and Brandon. They called me from Australia and explained what had transpired. I usually can't follow the forum during the day, so I missed a lot of the posts that led to the bans. This is a flashback to the CCI forum, when Lane couldn't tolerate any disagreements with CCI's teachings and banned Jon, Joe and Eric Anderson. I and a few other people also left as a result. I wonder when the same thing will happen on Blueconcrete's forum?

What it came down to is that most of those that left, left because they felt that the knowledge they were sharing was not being appreciated or respected.  It was being demanded, without a thank you and then attacked if they did not like or get a response.  So, they decided to leave and take their knowledge with them.  Basically everyone on here suffered do to the actions of a few, those that cause the issues, those that continued it, and those that got "hurt" by it.

I hear all these claims about wanting to help the industry, bettering the products produced, and the quality/standards we work by, if leaving this forum and taking all your info with you is the way to do that, well, I don't get it.  There are a lot of excellent producers and many pros still here on this forum and they wish to help.  There are a lot of young up and comers here as well, and they could use some guidance.   I am glad to see that there are many still here to help them.

Joe, this is where it gets confusing for me.....  you say "somewhere back down the line of "professionals" that mentored your mentors  mentor was some hair brained kook in his garage with a nutty Idea that all the industry  "professionals" at the time probably thought was an Idiot"  I totally agree!!!  So then why abandon those folks, as we were once them...at least I was.  Some of the folks that left called the folks on this forum names, kinda like you were saying above.  I can't wait till some of the "idiots" on this forum pop out of the woodwork and show the old pros a thing or two.  I have been in enough young shops as I travel to know that the ONLY reason that people have not heard of some of the "new guys" is only because they have not done the marketing and branding that others have.  I have seen work by complete unknowns that rivals or exceeds some of the pros.

Me personally, I am and will be here to help the up and comers.  I do not have an ego about my knowledge, ask anyone I have spoken to.  I want to help people learn things the right way so they can produce a good product that the industry can be proud of.


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