What happened to Alla, Brandon, Remik, Jon S, et al........  Are ALL of their posts deleted?  I'm sensing a great disturbance in the force. 

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My agreement with Tommy is Im not suppose to speak, and this is my opinion. I do regret suspending JP and Brian, but nothing else that I did, since the post in question contained nothing of professional value. What we had was an advertiser, that stopped advertising but stayed on CCF stirring up discontent, and making snide remarks about CCF. I have made it a point to stay out of other peoples forums, live and let live. I do appreciate those that remain and we continue on. Thanks to sll, Dave
Ps, I helped promote the CARTEL, at no charge, and let him post 6 training classes for the price of 2, a $600 savings. Training must not cut it right now, but he is mistaken if he thinks the forum business is better. Peace

Dave, you have done a lot for the supporters of the cause behind the scenes and it is appreciated by those of us that know what you have done.  At this point it is time to move on from all of this, it has been time.

I am closing this string as it serves no further purpose for the betterment of concrete or this forum.


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