Minimum thickness, max lenght without support?

Hello everyone,
i have to cast 2 vertical L shaped countertops ( top and side) in Gfrc and both are 3' wide x 15' long with 3' x 3' side. What is the minimum thickness you' d go? What about lenght, will you go full thicness, foam sandwich, or create foam beams, longside, covered with back coat? Any other comment will be very appreciated. Later i will post a drawing of the job. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks man.... I' m not much versed in english, but after i post the drawings i know you will be very helpful
Mike, hope you understand the pictures. Is basically two "L" s, one for the countertop down, one from the countertop to false ceiling. Would you attach the wall panel with achors (screws etc) or use some thin set? How would you support the hunging ceiling? Steel cable with some hooks to the existing concrete ceiling?
Thanks Alla for your reply, i probably go as far as that since i was thinking also about creating beams with foam and back coat, running long side of it. I will try posting a section later. Remik, although it doesn't showin the picture, i proposed two SS legs at 1/3 lenght each, since the front panel is going to be glass, don't want to have concrete columns in it. But thanks for the "thinking" part. Is definitely the way to go.
Mike, as i saw in your page large pieces, is there a way for them to be self standing and not bend too much? Should i use some lite steel beam of some kind, or just thickness may do the job?

Mike Cook said:
Go through the photos on my page. They might be a ways back but I did a project like this and posted the pictures of how I did the underside on my page.

When you find them imagine hand laying it with CSA. OMG it was a !@#$
Guys this is the last update to the bar and countertops areas. Please give advice on best practice to cast these pieces. Countertops will be blueish in color and since is gfrc, need to know what is a proven way to seed glass in it. Will you seed in with a face coat are glue glass to the table and use scc gfrc? verticals will be cast in a blue-gray tone, no glass.
Also customer added verticals to bbq area and sink area. I made these drawings and asking you: will you do complete shells or divide them in horizontal pieces and vertical pieces? Also, what is the best way to hang the ceiling panel?
Alla, never leave this forum, please. We all know, even those that don't want to admit it, that you are a very important reference to go to. And thanks for your reply. Let me ask you this:

Will you cast in gfrc scc all the way? Meaning, creating an "L" shaped form and pouring scc in it? Or will you hand pack gfrc after face coat? Also since the horizontal pieces (tops) will have glass, is recommended to use face coat and scc for the tops and scc alone for the verticals (returns)?
Guys and lady, for all of you to help me on this project, here are pictures of the installed countertops and walls. Thxs again to all.
Nice One.. Are the Cabinet boxes panels as well?

Great Job,

Persistence and research really paid off!

Thxs for your comments. And yes Jeff, all Gfrc

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