I have started a blog related to stain testing I am doing with the New Improved ICT sealer formulations.

Here is a link to the blog.


My intent is to keep this an open blog.  I am open to input if anyone is interested in seeing something tested.  I will add anything as I can, if there is time.

I will post all related results on CCF.

I am very happy with what I am seeing with the improved formulations.  

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Craig, yes you can do this after every application.  Many of the guys are doing after each and every application.  I prefer doing it after about every other to every 3rd wipe down.  

Noah, if the sealer is intact and it is just a bleach mark do this.  Put a small amount of vegetable oil on the tip of your finger.  Sprits the spot with water, once the spot is wet gently rub the oil on the area.  Then wipe dry.  It doesn't take much to do this.  The bleach mark is a salt formation, the oil will prevent the salt from reforming once the water dries.  Over time and normal wiping of the countertop the marks typically go away, as long as normal application protocols were done.

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