Hello all, I am new to all of this and have been reading through posts and articles, but I have one question that I can't find a answer to. I plan on making a pretty large countertop with an integrated sink and drain board next to the sink. The dimensions are 110 in by 52 in. Should something this big be cast in place and if so how would I cast in place the sink and drain board? If not and I should precast it, how feasible is it to flip this over being that it will probably be over 1000 lbs. looking at not breaking it. (I would precast at its final location and just fill it). Will I have to build additional supports for the sink underneath the cabinets ? Thanks for your help.

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I would still precast using GFRC.  At 3/4" thick your looking at 360 lbs plus sink.  Flipping it will be your biggest challenge.   Make sure to use a good mix should be fine.  Bigger GFRC pieces have been made.  It will also depend on the access you have to get it into its final place.  

I would suggest to you to make a smaller piece first and then tackle your big piece. If you have never done one before its a good idea to practice first. And watch as many videos as you can.

Thanks for your input. I am planing on making a small one for my bathroom that doesn't really matter. My large pour won't happen until around August of 17. This will give me time to practice and study up. With the GFRC would you suggest a pre mix or a make your own recipe? As far as access I plan on pre casting it on top of my cabinets so I can just flip it in place. The wife doesn't like that idea but I would rather hear her complain than carry a slab of concrete from the barn!


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