how to make non shrink grout

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You can use expanding cement which expands slightly on hydration, thus offsetting the small shrinkage that occurs. This is used in most tile grouts I believe.

Hi Sam, thanks for that information, I am hoping  to to maybe make my own , mix,  as I am wanting to use it to make pebble mosaic  stepping stones etc.

 Many different types of mixes possible, but would need to know what size, how thick, how many you need,  is this for your own yard or are you planning on going into the stepping stone business, Do you know the process to achieve exposed aggregate finishes?  Numerous questions need to be answered before a solid answer on mix design could be posted...I know machine grout (non-shrink grout) is expensive whether you mix your own or buy it bagged.  Probably overkill for stepping stones.  

I thought it was a little overkill too rick/graeme. If you still want to try Graeme, you need to find some Type K Cement in the US. This is the type which gives you zero expansion and contraction.

Hi Rick&Sam,thanks for the info, I  am just making some pebble pavers using exposed agg method,some direct method placing pebbles in mould. these are all okay using my usual mix. but over time some of the smaller pebbles come loose so I know non shrink grout is to expensive to use to make all pavers. but on some special large pavers 600x600 I place pebbles in damp sand ,then put clay on top ,then  screw ply on top and flip mould over, remove ply bottom and remove sand,  then this is where I need the special non thrink grout to hold pebbles then top off mould with usual mix..

Thanks Rick&Sam, I have just found a local manufacturer who will supply me some grout at wholesale price.  regards Graeme.

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