I just felt the need to share the options that are out there.





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i just  puked in my mouth...


Why bother getting into this? Is there an upside?
Maybe we should introduce him to ductal.
I definitely don't think a letter should be written, who are we to judge.  The only person who was named King was Remik, other than him weilding his concrete septor, I don't see a point.  I've seen stuff like this, and people asked my opinion.  I just say, "Rustic is a unique look."  As far as design, I personally am not a fan of acid staining colors and would prefer this guys tops.  I think if a client likes this kind of work then let them put it in their house.  If they don't, but still buy it because it is concrete, then they haven't done their research.

Really? Crap will be exposed as crap and I have had clients whose only prior experience was with crap but they still liked concrete and sought me out. 


This is just dumping on someone and it stinks.

Alla Linetsky said:

The upside is that crappy contractors stop giving concrete a bad name. He needs to at least be exposed to what good concrete looks like - but then he probably thinks that what he's putting out is comparable...

Mike Cimino said:
Why bother getting into this? Is there an upside?

Wow thanks to Jerrad and Gore, I just completed templates for my first PAYING countertop. I was beginning to feel that this forum was not the place to be a newbee and have a question or post a picture. Wanting to produce the best product possible out of the box I spent a lot of money on hands on training, dvds from the industry leaders, several bags of concrete and reading countless hours of old CCF posts. That being said I am sure I will have more questions in the future that have already been addressed in the forum, for those wanting to help THANKS for those who are tired of the same questions over and over SORRY but it goes along with GROWTH of an industry.

...wow, wasn't prepared when I hopped onto this thread. Excessive, misguided, mean-spirited, ...and public. The goal of this forum is to encourage, not discourage. Glad to see so many voices of reason weighing in.
I like the one Tommy said a while back...  "Throwing dirt looses ground" 
....... and these are the days of our lives.

I think it is funny.  Those who criticized the ones for making fun of this fellow, are just as self-righteous.  If you never made of fun of someone or something, you are better than me.  I'll take the low road.  If a customer asked me to make tops that look like this, I wouldn't and probably couldn't. 


On a side note, I like how he presented his sample profiles.

I will be happy to contact him and have a nice conversation with him.  I agree with the positive posts here, we need to educate and encourage people in this industry.  I don't like the look of his work, but like others said, some people will.  I do a hell of a good job with acid stains, yet origins would never buy them and will never like them.  Does this make my concrete crap?  No, it just means that it is not for Origins, and maybe others.  If this person was on this site, maybe he would realize it is time to raise his bar, and this forum is where he can get some help.


I agree that we should critique each others work, but not slam it or the artist just because we do not like it.  I do agree this guy needs some tips to make his stuff better, and at first glance I may put it in the crapcrete category, but that still does not mean he should be ostracized.


Unless someone has an issue, I will contact him and refer him to this site.  I would not remove this thread, let him see he has support and also not to listen to everything people say.  There are some people on this forum that are very discouraging to newbies.  You should ask yourselves, does it make you feel better or more powerful to put someone else down?  Constructive criticism with advice to follow is the way to handle things like this.  Not with mean spirit and a "get the hell out of my industry" attitude.

Well said Tommy.  I think you got the right idea and most would probably agree.

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