I ran across a website that offers concrete counter tops with a claim of up to 22% leftover paint in the mix. My experience is limited to just a couple of years and this is the first time I ever heard of paint in the mix. I assume it is to achieve color and claim "green" content.

Has anyone else heard of this? or actually use paint?

Good Luck

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Thanks Alla.


Good Luck



Alla Linetsky said:

There was a discussion about this on the Blueconcrete forum. Latex paint is similar to the acrylic polymers some of us use, and it can be used in concrete, although it reduces compressive strength. But at 22% the concrete will fall apart. I suspect it's 22% water replacement, which is still very high. It's done strictly for the green points.
I read on another forum people experimenting with this. They were mostly making garden ornaments. It can add color but also weakens the concrete.

This is the chart from the guys website;



He also substitutes glass for the gravel. That's the thing that drew my attention initially. I'd be interested to know how you would calculate that correctly. I'm assuming the weight difference per given volume would throw the glass out of proportion if you just weighed out and amount equal to the gravel.


Good Luck



Edit: The chart didn't seem to take, his glass accounts for 31% of the mix in his recipe.

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