Hi everyone thanks for reading!!!
I'm new to the game it's my first time pouring counter tops. I believe my mix was too dry also they were vibrating properly I got some pinholes in larger holes but a quarter of an inch nothing extremely bad I did spend a lot of time packing the concrete in and rolling it to the best of my ability .I started grinding and I came up with a lot of pinholes another holes. I called quick Crete where I got the countertop mix from and they said anything larger than a quarter of an inch use the cement mix anything smaller use Portland with water so I did that I made a slurry and push it all the holes etc. lots of elbow grease I am very concerned that the straight Portland and water itself will not be hard enough without an acrylic agent? not sure if it will polish correctly . Should I have used grout or a slurry with an acrylic agent? I hope that'll work fine because if not I have to get it all out of the pores once again ..
Thanks again

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