Hi guys, have been having sleepless nights thinking about this sink. I have never poured gfrc before. As you can see from the images it's only 35mm thick. I what to know what the best way to do the corners if I caulk the outside corners I won't be able to caulk the inside around the sink, what would you suggest. If I don't caulk will the fibres be on show when I sand the corners? I was thinking of caulking the A mold and pouring some Gfrc without fibres and try to brush it around part b mold corners before I pour with fibres. Part b mold is 18mm melamine box coated with resin, I haven't supported the inside, it's 1meter x 500m, it seams pretty strong, I'm a little worried about hydrolic pressure, do any of you think it would be alright?


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Just an idea but could you not invert the sink mold!

Caulk the bottom of the form spray or partially pour, then float the inverted sink mold into it. you will need to brace the back of the sink mold as you fill the remainder of the mold so it wont float up and move about.

I hope Im putting it across so you can follow.

Can you secure the sink mold from the bottom side using screws?

Hi Mostin, thanks for your reply. Do you mean spary part A and b apart then screw them together and pour the backer?

Hi Nathan, thanks for the reply. Yes I can it's a big box.

I would pour it using an ECC mix. I used silicone where the joins are on the melimine, let dry then screw the mold together. Once the it is removed then hand polish in the rounded edges.

So how did it turn out?
Hi Tony, yea really well. Here is a few pictures

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