Hi everybody!

I'm new on this group and just started my concrete countertop business in Quebec Canada! If my word sound weird it's because i'm french!

I currently use the traditional GFRC method to make my produce compacting each hand placed backer layer. I've not done a lot of project and no really big project for now. On this time i get to finish my product around 1 work time hour/ square feet. This as been calculate with my time and my assistant time divide by the number of square foot in the project. The biggest piece i've poured was an island of 13 square foot 2 inches foam cored. I was wondering how much average worktime by square feet it's take? I assumed that with bigger project the worktime should reduce due to the different step taking less time by square feet. I'm interested in trying SCC GFRC and UHPFRC if i can design one mix to make my thin product, furniture or sink vessel. If you have one i can do from scratch as in Quebec, i'm quite 400km far from all big city, supplying is hard to find. Anyway the purpose of this discussion is to have an idea of the average time by square feet it's take to make concrete countertop so i could better calculate my production cost.

Thank you, have a nice day!

My website: www.lelab-beton.com

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not very long. SCC 4x8 32sq feet 15 minutes mix 5 minutes pour. If its CSA 5 minutes mix 5 minutes pour

UHPFRC ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete. It's very low w/c ratio like .24 with pva fiber instead of ar glass fiber.

What's bug me is the fear of fiber showing in scc gfrc. Do you just pour all the mix or shoot the first coat and the pour the scc backer with fiber without compacting?

I never worked with facecoat / back coat type of mixes. All my work has involved SCC UHPFRC custom mixes with w/c ratios as low as 0.22. I never calculated per square foot production times, but  usually have a clear understanding of per cubic foot rates. After producing several thousand cubic feet, the actual pour is minutes per cubic foot. The biggest amount of time is spent on measuring and weighing all ingredients. Mixing is automatic since I use a vertical shaft mixer.

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