Quote Fine Print & Conditions - what do you put in?

A lot of problems and issues with clients and jobs can be avoided by decent and correct paperwork beforehand such as quotes and contracts, but they have to be clear and meaningfull.

What are the major/important fine print/conditions that you include in your quotes?

* Final product may vary due to concrete's unpredictability?

* Delivery time?

* Deposit?

* Payment period?

* Lack of payments?  - can you collect the item if not paid for?

Etc etc.

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You make a good point about selling to the right people Remik, but unfortunately not always possible. The "fine print" or conditions is also there for the client's awareness/ease.

Maybe we have a different understanding of fine print. I see the conditions or fine print as the general rules or terms upon which a service or items is quoted for - payment terms, period of delivery, changes to exiting orders etc. It is not a three page essay of legal mumbo jumbo to confuse or shortchange the client, just short basic notes/rules that one would include in a normal quote to make it clear to the client what is, what is not included and what you and the client is responsible for etc. Doing business without it seems a bit risky to me - I don't have ESP X-ray intersoul vision to scope out and avoid the baddies..........man, that would make life so much easier!

I agree on the the lengthy terms and conditions that are added to the end of ads - that is just ridiculous, you can bearly hear or read what the guy is jabbering on about. 

not a bad idea with remodels. Everybody is different. we state that we are the counter top people, not the remodele/contractorr. there will be other issues that we will not address like reconnecting the plumbing, staining the top 3/4" of their cabs,paint, sheetrock repairs, final dust cleanup, etc.


If you go in as the "contractor", you would have these other items in your initial bid.


I guess realize who you are and then go from there.

We have a new revamped law called the Consumer Protection Act that puts a lot of power into the consumer's hands, which is a good thing as I am one too. It means consumers have better protection against bad services and products, but that power needs to be balanced. Here (South-Africa) quotes and their terms/conditions do hold water and are easily accepted as proof and binding, once signed by both parties and if compiled fairly.

Maybe we should ship clients to you for tips on how to treat honest, straight-arrowed, hard working, misunderstood contractors. The land of Bliss.

remik said:

I wish some guys who do run business came here and shared their experience. I have not had a court case in which I had to pull out a contract. I had one case and despite the judge being on my side throughout the hearing I was found guilty of things I was not responsible for(installing a faucet)... This is the gratest experience I had of US justice system and I am not expecting much more.

The moral o the story is that you can write the most elaborate contract and it still will not help you much in front of a judge. IT will probably cost you more to fight for your rights and you will at some point give up. I have not but I am all about the principals and not business and money.

It does not take a an soul x ray to see who you are dealing with. All it takes is several questions and explanations and then you will see who you are dealing with.

I could say much more but that is my experience and that is intellectual property:)

I hear you, though.

Basic payment schedule. lead time. care and maintenance and your responsibilities and your clients are enough. You dont do plumbing, electrical, any wood work for them(cabinets are off level it it their problem)...etc etc.

IF they want to create problems they will..

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