We have had concrete countertops for about 4 years now (we made them ourselves), and I noticed near the edges its starting to get a little dull. It looks like the sealer is starting to wear out. We used an acrylic based sealer, and wax periodically. Even after waxing, the dull spots are still somewhat noticeable.

So my question is, is it possible to re-seal the counters? Do I need to strip the wax and old sealer off first? What would you guys recommend?

Second question… We are going to do a tile backsplash. Do you recommend doing the backsplash first then re-sealing, or vise versa? Will the grout scratch the counters when applying it?

Thanks and any help/advice is greatly appreciated! I attached 2 photos showing what it looks like, just ignore the mess.

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Yes it is possible to reseal. But you'll need to strip the current sealer off. That can be done chemically with something like Blue Bear coating remover or sanded off.

Once you have all the sealer off and the counter is dry, do a light sanding, this will open the concrete pores and allow whatever sealer you plan to use better penetrate into the concrete.

I would avoid using another acrylic sealer. There are concrete countertop polyurethane sealers that work much better in both protection and overall finish.  

For your second question, I would think doing the countertop sealer first.

Actually I have sealed over acrylic sealers with H12....I'm sure you can use U-seal as well as the two sealers seem to be very similar. Make sure you get rid of the wax that is on the counter. So use a wax remover and then sand everything down with a 220 grit sand paper on a palm sander. Sanding will get rid of a lot of dirt, sealer and wax.

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