Hi All,

I am wondering what you would recommend as a reusable casting deck. I am new to GFRC concrete (actually concrete in general), only having delivered two kitchens, two bathrooms and a couple of benches and panels. 

I have tried:

  • Hot-rolled black steel - damage to the surface from clays, cements, acid wash, even some types of silicone has pretty much knocked this on the head.
  • Melamine - single use and difficult to keep in a pristine condition before use.
  • Velvet carcass (Laminex product) - better than melamine, but not really suitable for reuse.
  • Glass - great result but expensive and I only get a few uses before the scratching becomes too much.

I am wondering if some of my processes are wrong, or need some tweaking, as the consumable side of the business is proving to be expensive.

I live in Queensland, Australia.


Mark Chimes

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Hey Mark,

I think alot of the guys now are creating casting tables what ever size they want and topping them with a self leveling epoxy resin a couple of mm thick. They create a lip round all the edges and fill it it up. As its self levelling they know its going to be flat!. This method allows them to create larger tables than standard sheet material sizes and no worry about seams showing.

They wax regularly to maintain and any major scratches can be filled and sanded out.

Not bullet proof but from a time v's money point of view, it seams to be a winner.

Hi Mostin,

That sounds like a great idea. I was starting to think along the same lines but hearing that others have done the same encourages me that I am on the right track. I am supposing that pocket holes or biscuit joints would be the best to ensure the sheet joins remain strong.



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