Im preparing to demold my countertops and I am trying to decide on a sealer so I can decide on how high of a grit to polish my tops with. I'm between surecrete xs327 and nanocoat tk6. I'd like something with a high gloss. Everything I'm reading says to polish to about 1500 grit but I don't want to polish so high that these sealers dont adhere. Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you.

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Your a good dude Tom! Patience is a virtue.

Tom Fischer- Fishstone,CCS said:

Hi Anthony,

Yes time and sealing should even things out.  I would suggest waiting at least 48 hours before burnishing so the sealer has time to crosslink.  You don't need to seal unseen edges but may not be a bad idea so water cannot wick into the concrete.

Yes, if sealer sits in a container it will become matte with time over 10 minutes so you should mix in two batches or seal both pieces at the same time.  Keep in mind the only coat that matters is the final coat for sheen level.  So if you sealed all coats using matte and the final coat gloss you would end up with a gloss surface(and vise versa).

You should use the poly blues any time after sealing...

Anthony Argiropoulos said:

Cool thanks. The tops themselves turned out pretty good. On the two larger pieces I have some spots where it appears duller than others but I'm hoping the sealer and the burnishing pads even that out. As far as application I have a couple questions. Do I need to do the edges that won't be seen? How soon do I burnishing after sealing? And if I wait ten minutes instead of 30 so I can get a high gloss will the pot become more matte as time passes? In other words if I'm doing 2 pieces together let's say will I have a different sheen as I start the second piece?
Just want to let you know that I was very happy with your product. Useal couldn't have been easier to apply and with the quick drying times I was able to get 5 coats on my 40 sq ft all in one long day. I even have enough for a 6th if I wanted. I ran into a snag on my largest pieces. I had some dog hairs from my husky embedded in the finish. I must have set the roller down and picked them up. I sanded with 220 grit and put my 4th coat on. After it dried I could still see the swirls so I used the 400 grit poly blue by hand lightly over the surface. After the 5th coat went on the marks were gone. The finish looks amazing now. I can only imagine how good it will look once I step through the poly blues. The depth the sealer adds to the color is great. I chose to mix the sealer by weight which made it super easy. I'm an HVAC contractor so I just used my refrigerant scale which will measure down the quarter of an oz.. Not quite as accurate as one that measures grams but close enough. I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who might be considering useal. Tom, you've been very helpful and I appreciate all the advice. I just wish I had discovered your site sooner.

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