Was kinda playing around with the penitrating sealer I have. Earlier I had a sink that was made by someone else. He didn't do a very good job on sealing it. I attempted to just add more over it and worked out really well. Totally sealed now. The texture is a litttle rough though. Got me thinking. If I just kept adding and adding the the sealer would it build up say a (clear coat) like on a paint job? Then buff it with a light compound and wax to bring out a nice shine in it? When I added more sealer not a drop seams to get through. I have river rocks in the bottom of the sink that hold water there. In the other sinks in the house that the builder made they stain under the rocks. But it goes away after a bit of them being removed. But the one a resealed does not. That was kinda what got me thinking about just slowly building up a think layer of this sealer and then buffing it out like a paint job. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Or maybe info that I can avoid a potential disaster?i was planning on trying my theory in a test piece of concrete.

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