I've been using Surecrete XS-327 sealer since january for my projects. I didn't got any call back since but one of my client call me monday with blemish on the countertop due to tomato left on for 5 hours and the juice spill on the countertop. Then she sent me one more picture yesterday with little blemish spot because she let a watermelon on the countertop overnight. I always clean my slab really well before applying the sealer and do it 7:1, 3:1, 2:1 dilution rate as recommand. The sealer is a month old, I installed the countertop on july 31. On the product info it's wrote that it have no reaction with all the kitchen product and also some acid in 24hours test. If that happen, is it a sealer issue or application issue?

I'm going to meet the client tomorrow to repair the sealer, i'm going to remove old sealer and give it new applications.

Have you better recommandation?


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Just got feedback from surecrete.. I mistaken my ratio it's supposed to be 7:1 2:1 2:1. I'll need to redo some sealer on a couple countertops.

After acid etching or polishing up to 400 grit I follow the diagram. 

Thanks for the Diagram! So I should do 7:1,2:1 and then 1:1 for most of my projects?

I talked to the guys at surecrete and the advice I got was to go 7:1, then 2 coats of the 3:1 back to back. Then wait 12 hours, hit it with a scotchbrite and a 1:1

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