The concrete countertop around my cooktop is getting terribly stained when oil or grease splashes on it. The rest of my counters and sinks were sealed with cheng penetrating sealer. They seem to hold up fine. This counter and one sink were done at a separate time then the rest and I have had issues with both of those sealing properly. Think they were rushed cause the guy who built them had to leave the country for work. Is there maybe a better sealer brand or type that would be a better option for around the cooktop? I would like it to look the same as the others. They have kinda of a semi gloss look but I have polished and waxed them to look like that. A sealer that is heat resistant, food safe, and able to hold up against cooking oils and grease while not looking dramatically diffrent from my other ones is what I'm looking for. He is going to build a new one for the cooktop but when I go to seal it should I just use the same sealer and be very diligent about making surely is sealed well or should I use a diffrent type of sealer for that area? I don't want it to b a issue down the road. Would like to use the best possible sealer for that scenario and hopefully get it to closely resemble the same finish as the other ones in my kitchen. Also for future reference is there anyway of removing oil and grease stains from concrete once it has occurred?

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Sealers are very tricky as there isn't any that are perfect but based upon what you mention I would highly recommend U-Seal.

Looks like a great product. If the surface is polished with any higher of a grit. Say 1000 would that cause problems with that particular sealer adhering properly?

it should adhere properly but I would still suggest sanding with a 400grit so it has a bit more bite.  The finished result will look the same as if you polished to 1000

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