I'm wondering if I can use silica sand in my mist coat and Regular concrete sand for my backer coat. The reason I'm wondering is because of the absorb tin difference. I'm worried about delamanation.

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Thank You for the response Mark.  I will play it safe and just use one source of sand.

I have mixed sands threw many of my pieces. I often put marble or silica in my face coat and use a washed sand or a pool mix in my backer as it has a more even gradation and I feel personally it makes for a stronger piece. 


That what I was hoping for but silica sand and regular concrete sand have different absorbing rates. I figured that since the backer would dry faster it would delamanation. It makes sense that it would curl too.

Guess you will never know unless you try it. You should probably stay with a bag mix I think Mark sells one.

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