I was playing around yesterday trying to slice up some bottles for a bar top and noticed major chipping of the glass. Does anyone know if a special blade is required to do this? Maybe have the bottles at a certain temp or tape the cut line to prevent this. Thanks for your input (':


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We tape the area that will be cut.  Draw the lines and use wet-saw (tile saw) to make these cuts.  Make sure the blades are new or some what new.  If the pcs are smaller than 1/2",  you need to make sure the saw does not have much vibration or it is not wobbling.  Hope that helps.


I have also found that if the bottles are real cold they chip worse.   let them be a nice room temp 50-70 *.  So after you drink the beer, let the bottle warm up before you cut it!

defiantly tape them and cut right through the tape.  I have had little to no luck cutting anything thinner than 1/2" out of a beer bottle, some wine bottles are thicker than others, liq bottles are too. 

Move slowly.  Good luck
The lady that does mt metal inlays cuts glass for stained glass artists all the time. But the cost of one cut paid for the saw I bought, so for me it was a no brainer.  There are 2 water jet cutters here, they think those machines are turning water into gold.

Those are great tips everyone! I'll give it another shot today and see how it goes. Thanks!

Brandon,  Alpha makes a special Blade to cut glass tile. using a tile blade that is made for ceramic or porcelain will produce more chips. The glass blades are made with a smaller diamond particle and alot more of them. We use this blade when installing glass tile with laminated back to avoid chipping.


I have also had a waterjet company by me try to cut some wine bottles for me and it does not work!! as the water jet passes through the first layer of glass, the stream of water separates and loosed it ability to cut the next layer of glass. It more or less looks like its trying to sand blast through it. Don't waste your time with that.

Al is right about the vibration of the saw, less is better. I am fortunate enough to have a Felker 30" Rail saw that allows me to cut lightly over the top and slowly increasing the depth of cut.


Best advise I can offer get the right blade for the right material, not all blades are equal!!!


hope this helps, Happy Casting!

Yeah, I bought a new blade yesterday and had much better success. Still had some chipping but it should disappear in the grind/polishing. And of course I'm using a $99 POS. Once I get a decent sample I'll pick up that Alpha blade and rent a decent sled style wet saw. I also decided on champagne bottles as the thinkness helps a lot and they look more interesting. Have any of you ever used a shadow box mounted under your tops to light up the bottles? I was going to play with some LED Christmas lights to see what kind of an effect I could get.
I feel like a diamond deli without the auto slice. No, seriously, anyone rig up an auto slicer?

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