Can someone guide me on how much concrete bonding agent to use in a slurry mix - do you simply work the manufacturer's guidelines?

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you are supposed to use polymer like Forton or a powdered admixture, not bonding agent which is different. bonding liquid is a concrete glue. But yes, follow guidelines although with slurry mixes the correct ratio isn't that important since you are just filling little holes.

For a general guideline we recommend using one part KongKrete liquid Acrylic Polymer (50% solids) to 4-5 parts water.  Mix this up in a jug and use this for mixing slurry.  The more polymer you use the more "plastic" your grout will be.  

Be careful if using powder polymers...most are designed to re-wet and not ideal for a countertop that gets wet...

I would keep it simple and use something like Poly Blend non sand grout which has polymer in it. 

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