Hi all, 

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered what I've run into. I poured an entire kitchen, 2 bar areas and two bathroom vanity tops…unfortunately I over troweled all the concrete and got a weak top creme layer which is thin and dusty. The issue I'm having is that the aquapoxy I applied is peeling in certain spots and feels soft. The epoxy did harden up, but if I dig my fingernail into it, I can scratch the surface and even start peeling off tiny chips of the epoxy. I was told by a rep of concrete countertop solutions that my aquapoxy was not bonding to the surface of the concrete because I over troweled it and essentially the surface of the concrete is more “dust” than solid surface. I believe he is right because I can see concrete dust on the bottom surface of the larger epoxy chips that I've been able to peel off. However… I don't think that the epoxy should be coming off in flexible chips. And I don't think that I should be able to dig my nail into the surface. Once chemical reaction has occurred and the epoxy cured, it should be harder than a rock, right?  I'm thinkin g maybe I didn't mix the part A & B well enough?



Has anyone run into either of these issues with a soft epoxy finish or peeling epoxy because of a weak concrete surface? If so, what did you do to fix it?

.. One rep told me to just spot fix the areas that are peeling. ..but another rep told me that I have to sand down the top of the concrete until I hit a hard/solid surface, clean everything really well, apply their flexy bo bonding primer and then apply their rescue micro topping and then reapply the epoxy.



Really wish I had practiced this a bit before jumping in and doing so many surfaces in my house. 

Thanks for any and all advice


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I would have razor blade scraped off all or as much sealer as possible sand the rest and grind the tops with 50 grit pad on up to 220 and seal with an easy sealer like Buddy Rhodes Reactive sealer or similar. What did you end up doing?

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