Anyone have experience using spiderlathe for GFRC countertop reinforcement.  I inherited a roll of it and wanted to see if its pretty much the same as your typical AR glass scrim.  Thank you.

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Hey Ben,  I have met with Bill, owner of Spiderlath last year.  He donated a roll for the Benefit Auction we did in Seattle for Marco Lucioni at the Seattle Concrete PlayDay.  It does work just fine.  It is an AR fiber net with an AR strand holding it together.  I believe it is a little lower zirconium content than the glass most of us use, but that is not a big deal for what we do.  The only draw back I found was that it was stiff and you had a hard time bending it around corners.  I think it was a little less expensive than scrim though.

I have been using spiderlath with good results for a couple of years now.

Order it without the foam strips, or at least remove them if the roll you got has them on.

heat gun and a bit of time works well, you will go nuts without the heat gun trying to get them off, especially if it's an old roll

Thanks Tommy & Jon.  I think the stuff I have has no foam strips.  Heat gun is a good tip.  Will make a few test beams and do some Scrim vs Spider flex testing.

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