Super excited to share a new Admix we have been developing for the past year.  The results have been phenomenal!  we've cast hundreds of panels and worked tirelessly coming up with the right raw materials & combinations and finally hit a home run.  Casting consistent thin, ultra flat, high detail, high strength concrete pieces is finally easy to do.  Super SIX is ideal for shower panels, tiles, countertops, statuary, or anywhere a self-consolidating mix will work.

Super-SIX-Admix™ is a multi-component blend of SIX different admixtures.  This unique blend makes it easy to produce Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC).  In it we put the following:

1) Polymer

  • Improves flexural strength
  • When dosed at 5% effective polymer load is 2.5% polymer solids.  High enough to act as curing admix eliminating the need of the 7-day wet cure allowing you to strip your forms much sooner
  • Improved dispersion of color pigment and reduce color variation in panels

2) Plasticizer

  • Greatly reduces water requirements resulting in stronger concrete
  • Provides  very high spread rates, improved workability and greater fluidity

3) Shrinkage Reducer

  • Greatly minimizes curling
  • Reduction of shrinkage or map cracking
  • formulated to reduce drying shrinkage

4) Defoamer

  • Increases Density and virtually eliminates pin holes
  • Improved density of mix (decreased permeability)

5) Wetting Agents

  • Helps flow and dispersion of fibers
  • Improves cement hydration
  • Provides a homogeneous distribution and color strength of pigments

6) Water Proofer

  • Increases water resistance and durability of cured concrete (hydrophobizing)

The TDS is attached...

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    Featured Product 

Fishstone's Super-SIX-Admix™ is a proprietary blend of SIX different admixtures designed to achieve pinhole free, dense and strong concrete that will free flow in precast molds.  Super SIX makes it easy to produce Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), also known as Engineered Concrete Composition (ECC) and Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC).  Super-SIX™  is a non-hazardous material utilizing the newest and most advanced technologies.

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