I am retiring from concrete!!!!
It's time for the next phase of my journey!!!
Well, many of you have followed my travels around the US and Canada after selling my company in Seattle over 4 years ago.  I am now, after resting here in CT for a bit, planning the next phase of my journey.  I have several options I am looking at, but, believe it or not, they do not include concrete.  That’s right, I am retiring from concrete!!!
Life is an interesting thing and mine has been, and continues to be, an ever changing journey.   My life has gone from complex to simple and I now plan to make it even simpler.   I have been drawn to this for some time now and I have decided it is time to take that big leap of faith and truly follow my dreams and desires of that simple life.
 At the end of July I will sell most of my remaining possessions, which is really not much, and I will enter a new phase of life…one of service and deep simplicity.  I am debating between several 6 month+ volunteer programs and also just throwing on a backpack and going for a walk…….a very long walk….think of the book “Into the Wild”.
I am so excited to do this and scared as all hell as well.  Not fear of failing but simple fear of the unknown.  The fear of simplicity.  Not having “stuff” or the comforts that we all have come to take for granted will be a challenge.  It was one thing to sell most my stuff and move into an RV…..but even that was luxury compared to my next plan.  But, I know the rewards of this life and I am dedicated to it!!
 Over the next 5 months I will be working on several projects, a couple through Kickstarter that I hope you will support.  I will also be offering the last of my training to raise funds to prep for the next phase; and sharing my knowledge is rewarding spiritually and financially.   This is an opportunity for you to gain some skills and help another artist follow his path if you are interested.   I have a few options available to choose from, so if you have been on the fence waiting for the right time, or just not sure if it is worth it, well, don’t wait any longer!! 
If you would like training, here are the options before I retire from the industry.
I will be putting on a few hosted joint classes with some other s in the industry.  I plan to hold one in Australia, one in the Seattle area and one over in Europe – details on those soon.
One on one 3 days/3 nights training at my studio in CT for $1200 or $1600 with room, board and travel to/from the airport.
If you’re interested, drop me an email at tommy@tommytcook.com or give me a call at 206-349-6403.

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"into the wild"?  so you are backpacking to Canada, eh?. 

I think the concrete world is going to be losing one of the greats.  Always enjoyed your posts and the knowledge that you have willingly shared.  If this was more than a hobby for me I would love to take you up on the training but pretty sure my wife would kill me. 

I can only assume where you are giving up all your worldly possessions you wont be posting to the CCF very often. 

I will still be connected to the web......going to be logging my journey.  But I won't be posting in the forums or involved in the concrete industry much at all.  I plan to be working on my writing and my poetry as I travel.  Putting my concentration on that.

Im shocked to hear your giving up concrete. I have been waiting for your videos for a will and wondering if your still going to sell them? I would love to learn your staining techniques.

Sorry Henry.....they never got finished to my satisfaction and I won't do something that I am not proud of.  Your best bet is to grab one of my classes if you can. 

I'm not buying it, Tommy. Anyway, there's no wildness left, its all been concreted over.

I'll be keen if you come out to Australia.

And you listen to the sound,
The concrete presence all around.
Tommy summons us to go
Where only peaceful sealers flow.


Nobody has to believe it but me Jamie.  I have learned that ultimately that is all that matters.  And for the wildness......it is still in me, and I bring it where ever I go!!!

Hope to see you when I am down under!!!

Still plenty of wilderness where I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. 

Let me know if you ever are in the parts of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or PEI.

Peace be with you tommy cook,the artist formerly known as the gnome.and please have fun.

Didn't Irving cut all the wilderness down?

Jared Larsen said:

Still plenty of wilderness where I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. 

Let me know if you ever are in the parts of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or PEI.

Tommy...I will always consider you my mentor...I know u have Only trained my once....but that was enough to inspire me to go on...it was great learning from you. I have always said, you are one of the of great ones in our industry. If ur ever in St.Louis....look me up....door is always open, Good luck in your next "time"

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

"If one's life is simple, contentment has to come.  Simplicity is extremely important for happiness.  Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital:  satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements. "      Dalai Lama

Tommy you are welcome at my door anytime, féadfaidh an éirí an bóthar leat.


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