Anyone else using U seal? So far, so good for me. Great drying times. Doesn't flash off quickly either. I can seal multiple pieces at once.

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I have noticed with the warmer weather that it is starting to flash faster. I have no problem working one piece, but two pieces at a time is a bit of a gamble.

This Saturday I put in a 2:1 cost and it was dry Sunday morning. That's what I need
Derek, you need to stop this weekend work. We only get a few days here and there for good weather to enjoy in Michigan.

Thanks for the feedback.  We've been getting really good feedback and results with U-Seal.  Over the past ten years we've sold a lot of sealers for countertops and U-Seal has the best overall results so far.  Really seams to check all the boxes.

Thanks again!  We always like feedback whether its good, bad or indifferent.

Hi Tom, How does it hold up against scratches?

Hi Jon,

An indicator(not inclusive) of scratch resistance is hardness.  U-Seal has a hardness of 3H.  What that means is it is much harder than an acrylic like TK6 but not as hard(or brittle) as say an EAP.  Too soft and a sealer shows every scratch and usually has poor wear resistance and too hard and it can crack(brittle) and cause delamination issues.


Jon McNabb said:

Hi Tom, How does it hold up against scratches?

Man I loved EAP.  It worked for me.  I bailed because others were having issues.  Been using ICT, but too many call backs on solid colors with perfect finishes.   

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