I'm patiently waiting on my first countertop to cure. The ones my home builder did he used a slurry to fill bug holes. It's very diffrent in color. He has left me some of it. But I have been reading and from what I gather you can use the original concrete mix fine particles and some type of bonding agent and make a slurry out of that which will match the color perfectly. Does anyone have any input on that idea? From what I read acrylic does the trick. I have some urethane sealer at home. Would that potentially do the same thing as the acyrlic. This is all stuff I have reaserched on the internet so by all means feel free to criticize here. Thank you

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Could it b as simple as just mixing some of the left over concrete I have and using that to fill the bug holes? I'm not even sure what I have for them yet as I just poured it last night. But I would like it if I could fill any holes I do have and make them disappear. On the ones the guy made who built my house you can tell where his slurry mix filled holes cause it's a diffrent colour. Not a big deal cause we have exposed aggregate but when I eventually do one that won't would b nice to have those holes vanish.

Your right about the fines.  As far as using urethane your wrong.  a bonding agent is different than a sealer.  Your looking for a polymer like Kongkrete from Fisherstone.  This is more like a glue and not a sealer.  I always mix just cement powder colour and a 50/50 mix of polymer and water.  Only add fine sand (silica flour) if you are filling really big voids.

Ok thanks for the heads up. Had some lying around and figurered it may do the trick. I'm actually placing a large order with fishstone in the morning, I'll have to add that to the order. The slurry I had just didn't quite match. Would do the trick but would rather it match perfectly. Don't have any large holes to fill so should work out.
That kongcrete studf. U know if they sell it in a small portion? All the have is a drum and a pail. Gallon or something would b nice. It's well priced just don't think inn need a whole to maybe a slurry

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