I inherited a client who has a wine tasting bar that was pre-stained with wine before sealing.  Apparently the sealer was not fond of the wine and didn't stick very well.  The bar was stripped and I think resealed and again there were issues.

They are interested in stripping again and coating the top with mineral or olive oil.  Any suggestions on this one?  Maybe if everyone just drinks enough wine it will all be fine?

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No takers on this one? Anyone have an opinion on sealing a commercial wine bar with mineral oil? From my testing it appears to offer virtually no stain protection. I guess it will "patina" a fair amount.
I have used the mineral oil but was never getting wine all over it. The oil does best just to camouflage oil stains from things like splattering bacon. I would try the ICT. It will offer more stain protection than mineral oil and it bonds not just mechanically but chemically. In fact I really doubt it is possible for it to delaminate unless maybe if it was applied over wax.
Thanks Robert, I'm going to make sure the client is clear that mineral oil offers minimal protection.

I think the top is currently waxed. I guess I can strip it and then apply ICT. I havent used ICT but have been meaning to try it out.
Funny thing is I had another call today for yet another topical repair. Not something I want to get into. Already tried to be nice and do a refurb earlier in the summer. I really feel stuck because people not liking concrete around here is bad for my small market even if it is not my crete. The owner has already stripped it once and it is maybe three years old. I am suggesting mineral oil, 511, Trewax, and patina. They can't screw it up if it just patinas.

If more preached patina instead of plastic maybe I wouldn't get these calls. Seriously about fifty percent of my calls are to fix other peoples work. Could make a little money if one could get used to wearing an ipod and staring at grains of sand all day.
Thanks Alla. I was toying with the idea of suggesting EAP but I'm concerned about it not bonding and the possibility of scratching. I will look into ICT.
Follow up to this thread.... I visited the clients and it did look pretty bad. Tons of white rings from water or wine. The clients wanted to try the oil to see how that would work so we oiled away. It made the white rings turn dark; really dark so now there are lots of dark rings. This looks way better than the white rings but still noticeable. I wonder if oiling will make it very hard to apply a real sealer if that's the way they decide to go in the future. Fun stuff.

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